Rad 60 Personal Alarm Dosimeter

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DETECTOR TYPE:  Energy Compensated Si-Diode
          Dose:  1 µSv - 9.99 Sv or 0.1 mR 999 R
          Dose rate: 5 µSv/Hr 3 Sv/Hr or 0.5 mR/Hr 300 R/Hr
CALIBRATION:  Better than + 5%(Cs137, 662 keV at 2 mSV/Hr), Hp (10)
ENERGY RESPONSE:  Hp (10), 60 keV 3 MeV, better than 25%, up to 6 MeV, better than + 35%
DOSE RATE LINEARITY: Better than 15%, up to 1 Sv (100 R/Hr), + 20%, up to 3 Sv/Hr (300 R/Hr)
AUDIBLE ALARMS: Seven separate alarms, sound level typically better than 85 dBA at 30 cm
          -integrated dose
          -dose rate
          -dose overflow
          -dose rate overflow at 3 Sv/Hr or 300 R/Hr
          -low battery 1 and 2
ALARM THRESHOLDS*: Six preset values each for integrated dose and dose rate, manually selectable by pushbutton
POWER SUPPLY: 1 AAA alkaline cell, life typically 1800 Hrs in background field (dose mode)
READER COMMUNICATION: By infrared through bottom part; by using ADR-1 Reader Head in combination with RADOS PC Software
PUSH BUTTON FUNCTIONS*: Front panel push button has the following selectable functions
          -change display priority (dose/dose rate)
          -switch ON/OFF
          -chirp ON/OFF
          -reset integrated dose
          -change alarm thresholds
          -activate battery test
          -20 - +50º C operational,
          -20 - +70º C storing
DIMENSIONS: 78 X 67 X 22 mm
WEIGHT: 80g including battery

*NOTE: The active alarm thresholds and configuration of push button functions can be changed by using ADR-1 Reader Head in combination with RADOS PC software